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In consideration of my participation in The Periwinkle Foundation Kickball Classic tournament, I, on behalf of myself and my heirs, successors and assigns, hereby fully and forever discharge, release, indemnify and hold harmless the officials and sponsors of this event, including, without limitation, The Periwinkle Foundation, and Houston Sportplex and its partners, and all of their respective officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates, operators, employees and agents, and their respective heirs, successors and assigns (collectively, the "Indemnified Parties", from any and all liability, rights of action, causes of action, losses, claims, demands, costs and expenses for damages and/or personal injury or illness, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, CLAIMS FOR THE NEGLIGENCE OF ANY OF THE INDEMNIFIED PARTIES, whether the same be known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, that may occur, arising out of, regarding or relating to my participation in The Periwinkle Foundation Kickball Classic tournament.

I further state that I am in proper physical condition to participate in this event. I hereby grant full permission for any publicity and/or promotional purposes without obligation or liability to me. This entry is void unless signed by the entrant. If entrant is under 18 years of age, parent or guardian must sign this entry. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. This entry cannot be processed unless signed by entrant or, if under 18 years of age, by parent or legal guardian; use separate form for each entry; form may be copied.

I give The Periwinkle Foundation the right to interview and/or take photographs, audio or audio-visual recordings of me/my child to be used in promotional, educational or fundraising materials including, but not limited to videotapes, pamphlets and brochures. I understand my/my child’s name may be used in connection with these materials. By signing this media release, I intend to legally bind myself, my minor children, my heirs, executors, and administrators. The Periwinkle Foundation shall have the right to use photographs or other images of me/my child in promotion, educational or fund-raising materials. I acknowledge that The Periwinkle Foundation shall have all rights of copyright in and to such photographs and videotapes and may use such copyrights fully. I also hereby release The Periwinkle Foundation and and its officers, agents, and employees from all liability connected with the taking and use of these materials as is authorized by The Periwinkle Foundation. In addition, I waive all rights, interests or claims for payments in connection with any exhibition or release of these materials. This consent is voluntary, and I give it in the interest of public information, education, the furtherance of the goals of these institutions, or other lawful purposes. I acknowledge that I have legal authority to sign this form on behalf of myself/the minor whose name is mentioned above.
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